Frequently Asked Questions About Courtesy Car Service

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Navigating the complexities of transportation arrangements can be tricky after a crash. Thankfully, courtesy car service provide you with essential mobility during times of uncertainty.

In this guide, we explain the details of courtesy cars, shedding light on their significance and dispelling any confusion. We'll answer your common questions, such as:

  • How far can you drive a courtesy car?
  • When will you receive a courtesy car?
  • How much does my insurance policy cover?

Answers to Common Questions about Courtesy Car Service

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We're sure you're more than ready to jump in a courtesy car while yours is being repaired. Ensure you read on to understand this essential aspect of post-collision recovery.

What is a Courtesy Car Service?

Simply put, a courtesy car is a temporary replacement vehicle provided by repair shops or insurance companies - like ICBC.

This service ensures that people involved in accidents can maintain mobility while their vehicles undergo repairs.

What Types of Courtesy Cars are Available?

Courtesy cars come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from compact sedans to spacious SUVs. The temporary vehicle offered will depend on availability and your specific driving needs.

Some providers may even offer specialty vehicles like trucks or work vans for unique circumstances.

How to obtain a Courtesy Car?

Securing a courtesy car typically involves contacting your insurance provider or repair shop after an accident. They'll assess your eligibility based on your policy and the circumstances of the collision.

Once approved, you'll arrange for pick-up or delivery to get a courtesy car, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Do I have to Pay for a Courtesy Car?

Usually not, but it never hurts to ask.

At auto body shops like Cerna Collision, your courtesy car's costs are covered while your car is being repaired (all you have to pay for is the fuel used).

While many insurance policies and repair shops offer courtesy cars as part of their services, there may still be associated costs.

Clarify any potential costs with your insurance company and repair shop upfront to avoid surprises.

What are the Factors that determine the Price of Courtesy Car?

The severity of the accident, your insurance policy terms, and the availability of courtesy cars that are a like-for-like replacement can influence whether you'll have access to this service.

Most of the time, courtesy cars tend to be similar to your own car being repaired.

Your deductible, coverage limits, and comprehensive car insurance policy can impact how much your car insurance policy covers the cost (and duration) of a courtesy vehicle.

How Far can you Drive a Courtesy Car?

Think of a courtesy car as a heavily discounted rental car. For the majority of drivers with an easy-to-estimate repair time, the distance and use are covered within any courtesy car coverage agreement.

There is no particular distance limit for driving the loaner car provided. Just double-check with your ICBC insurance adjuster for any coverage limits.

Does my insurance cover a courtesy car?

Coverage for courtesy cars varies depending on your insurance policy details and other insurance providers.

Some optional policies - such as Loss of Use, RoadStar and RoadSide Plus - include courtesy car coverage as a standard, while others may offer it as an optional add-on.

It's best to review your policy documents and contact your claim adjuster to understand the extent of your coverage.

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Contact Cerna Collision For Auto Repair & Courtesy Car Services

Courtesy cars play a vital role in easing the burden after a collision.

Whether you're concerned about mileage limits, costs, or insurance coverage, knowledge is key to ensuring a smooth experience. Remember, clarity is just a conversation away.

For ICBC-accredited repairs paired with top-notch courtesy car services, look no further than Cerna Collision. Our team is dedicated to providing you with reliable, hassle-free repairs and ensuring you stay on the move with a courtesy car when needed.

Don't let the aftermath of a collision slow you down. Contact Cerna Collision today and experience peace of mind knowing you're in good hands.

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